Our Business Strategy

The focus lies on the strategic acquisition of companies where the Executive Team and Advisory & Investment Committee members have the experience, network and ‘know how’ to accelerate the growth and underlying valuation within twelve months of acquisition. These companies may be series-C and above companies or business units within larger corporations where the asset can be spun out to drive greater value creation.

FAT SPAC’s team have the ability and expertise to jump in as C-suite or board members of these acquired companies to further accelerate value as required.

We are targeting a Technology-led company that solves for the multi-billion dollar opportunities in Southeast Asia in the fields of Supply-Chain, Sustainability/ESG, E-Commerce, Big Data and the like or can take advantage of the monetization opportunities stemming from a rapidly growing middle class and their evolving consumption needs.

Our focus will be on an acquisition where we accelerate value.

Acquisition Criteria

We are clear on our ten main criteria that we assess to identify suitable targets, shortlist them and then subsequently engage in a deeper due diligence and negotiation to execute a successful de-SPAC event.